Friday, February 03, 2012

Apple Store Coming to Adelaide, S. Australia

A longtime MacSurfer reader from Adelaide, South Australia, sent in the following tidbit to MacSurfer on Thursday:

"Apple Australia is considering opening their first UberStore in the state. Redevelopment of a large site in Rundle Mall, the prime retail area of Adelaide's CBD, means that a suitable location has opened up for an Apple Store. Overheard two days ago was a conversation between a major property identity, and a third party on the other end of the Iphone, with the pertinent question being, "have you arranged that meeting yet with Apple about the Harris Scarfe development?"

Details of progress of the redeveloped site were included with schematics in this article from August 2011 in the local daily newspaper, The Advertiser.""

Congrats to Apple fans in Adelaide, should this info bear ... fruit.


mediumstrain said...

Seems unlikely to me. Greater Adelaide would be the second-smallest market in Australia, after Tasmania/Hobart.

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