Friday, March 02, 2012

Dear Safari Team....

Safari used to be a great browser for my work at MacSurfer.

Once upon a time I was able to have a page open, hop up to my bookmark bar, click on a folder, run the mouse over to the contents of that folder, hold down the Apple/Splat key and click "Open In Tabs" and those bookmarks would open in new tabs WITHOUT REPLACING the existing tab(s) I had open.

In fact, I can't remember when that stopped working now it's been so long.

There was an add-on, Saft, that kind of enabled that. Every time I'd open new tabs, every single tab would reload. A pain, but it worked.

Question Safari team: WHY did you remove that feature? Can you PLEASE give it back? I've looked high and wide for an extension (if anyone knows of one, let me know in the comments), or anyway to get that functionality back.

But it doesn't exist...that I know of.

Why not? Chrome does this, Firefox does this. Without extensions. It's just part of the browsing experience.

I'd also like the ability to freeze tabs, change the size of tabs (like Tab Mix + in Firefox, or built-in "Pin Tab" in Chrome).

Even if you don't give me that, how about letting me open tabs w/o replacing existing tabs?

Or maybe you've given up on Safari as a power-browser, leaving that up to Chrome and Firefox?

But then there's Firefox. I've not ranted on Mozilla's flagship for a long time now because they just won't give it proper AppleScript support for some bizarre reason that completely escapes the realm of sensibility.

Guess Google is the savior here. Awesome AppleScript support, great extensions. (Not bringing up Camino here. Good browser, but not keeping up with everything like Chrome).

Rant over. For now.