Monday, December 20, 2004

iTunes Feature Request: Customizable Cross-Fading

I use iTunes almost daily - for the obvious listening to tunes, talk radio broadcasts and spoken-word ... audio.

I've created a smart playlist for a particlular set of spoken-word audio that I've recently begun adding to my library. While listening yesterday I was taken aback to hear the next chapter start before the last sentence was read of the previous chapter. Realizing what was going on , I scrambled to the preferences and changed the cross-fading option ... and realized that this is something that should be fixed, or perhaps a better word is, enhanced.

If I could have one wish (at this point only one) for iTunes it would be that either the preferences would have greater control over cross-fading (i.e., turn it off for spoken-word, etc.) OR, and I like this better, let playlists and smart playlists have settings for cross-fading. So when I create a new smart/playlist, let the window where I choose genre, etc., have an option(s) for cross-fading - and while we're at it, why not have Equalizer settings there, too, so I can have greater flexibility in that area as well.

But sticking to cross-fading for now, I don't want a global cross-fading option only. I want to be able to drill down and choose - say for these 24 songs in this playlist, that I don't want cross fading, I want to hear each song in its entirety. Likewise, spoken-word simply doesn't work with cross-fading turned on. But I want the option for everything else and I don't want to have to go into the preferences each time to change it.

Anyone else feel the same way? Is there a way to do this already that I have simply overlooked ... was it staring me right in the face?


Anonymous said...

I second your opinion with an addition: I believe that the "Sound Enhancer" that resides in iTunes' preference panes should move to the equaliser window, along with an option to turn it on or off for individual songs/albums.

Anonymous said...

Customizable cross-fading would turn iTunes from a jukebox into a basic tool for compiling disco/radio mixes. Although not beyond Apple, would adding this functionality bring iTunes uncomfortably close to specialist apps such as the excellent MegaSeg? Best not to eat your own babies and all that.

Anonymous said...

I sent a feature request to Apple for that very thing ages ago (the rights to the idea freely given to Apple). Still waiting. I thought it should have two options:
Don't crossfade start of song
Don't crossfade end of song.

I wouldn't mind a global option, now that it was mentioned, specifically genre based (audiobook, spoken word). I really want my above control because there are songs that have highly meaningful endings or starts that should not be done at low volume mixes with other traffic.